Health Fund Rebates may be available dependent on your Fund, some NDIS plans may also cover all or part of your fees & Payment Plans / Alternate Arrangement can be made to ensure that you do not miss out on services due to any limiting circumstances. Please feel free to discuss with me.


Holistik Health is an integrative, multi-modality therapeutic health and wellness service providing guidance, inspiration and support for your body, mind and soul. We customize programs that enable you to optimize your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, in order for you to switch from just surviving to thriving. We offer Nutritional Medicine, EMDR / Trauma Therapy, Guided Meditations, Mental Health, Relationship & Spiritual mentoring, along with Dietary & Lifestyle Modification and Exercise Programming, all tailored to the clients goals and needs. 

We DO NOT offer fad diet plans and templated meal plans with impersonal, tactless service or lock-in contracts. We get to know you personally and tailor your health and happiness plan, uniquely for you, then walk with you through each step of your wellness journey.

Whether you suffer from food intolerance/s, autoimmune issues, low energy, hormonal dysfunction, weight concerns, want to improve fitness, flexibility, stamina and strength, wish to conquer limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, panic, or heal unidentified or unresolved trauma...we can show you how and support you all the way. We do this not only from a place of learnt knowledge, but also from personal experience, and we conduct ourselves with authenticity, empathy, integrity and sincerity. We love nothing more than helping others achieve true health & happiness. 


Nutritional Medicine is science-based, natural medicine that focuses on primary prevention while identifying and addressing underlying root causes of disease rather than merely treating symptoms. Instead of being disease-focused, which is often the case with traditional medicine, at Holistik Health, I apply a personalized patient-centered, evidence-based, preventative approach, in order to meet each patients nutritional needs based on genetic, environmental, social, emotional, financial and all other personal factors that can and do contribute to our health, one way or another.


Nutritional Medicine focuses on adopting healthier dietary habits, along with when required, prescribing quality nutritional supplements. This thorough and personalzsed nutritional approach works to optimize each patients individual health, by stimulating the natural, instinctual prevention and healing mechanisms within each of us, while understanding that we each require our own unique health formula.

Be it an acute illness such as colds and viruses, digestive or hormonal complaints, chronic concerns like autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, or whether you are just wanting to maintain and strengthen your current health status, nutritional medicine can assist you to reach your health goals.

E.M.D.R Therapy is a highly effective, scientifically studied and proven therapy that can assist with PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Insomnia, Bullying, Substance abuse and more. Recommended by the World Health Organization and endorsed by The Australian Psychological Society among other governing bodies worldwide, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing can assist those living with trauma to overcome memories of distressing events without having to relive specific details of the event/s. This allows clients to gain a sense of emotional control and lead effective lives without worry.


To find out more, please browse the Services below or feel free to get in touch so that I can advise how Holistik Health can best help you.

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