Woohoo Deodorant & Anti-Chafe stick in Mellow is Woohoo's gentlest deodorant suitable for sensitive skin as it is free from Bicarb Soda, fragrance and essential oils. Despite being gentle, it is still a powerful deodorant and anti-chafe stick that will provide all-day protection with confidence.


In place of Bicarb, Mellow contains Milk of Magnesia, which works to neutralise odours but is softer and more gentle on the skin. Mellow also contains Activated Charcoal (helps to keep your skin dry) and Zinc Oxide to protect your skin and further help to reduce the chance of irritation.


Like all Woohoo sticks, Mellow is simple to apply by quickly swiping on to your skin, no need to apply with your hands. The stick comes in an eco-friendly biodegradable cardboard tube.


Made in Australia. Vegan. Cruelty-Free Certified

Woohoo All Natural Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick- Eco Tube - Mellow - 60g