About Bec & Holistik Health

Qualifications / Areas of Study:

Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy (completing)

Previous Studies include:
Bachelor of Health Sciences
(Nutrition and Health Promotion)

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine

Diploma in Meditation Facilitation

E.M.D.R Therapist Accreditation Training

Cert IV Mental Health

Cert III & IV Fitness - Personal Training
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Certification

Experiencing the Body Keeps the Score
with Bessel Van Der Kolk

Trauma Informed Care, First Aid, CPR, WWCC
Bec's Story so far..


Bec Erickson, founder of Holistik Health, created her therapeutic health and wellness service in order to reach out to, inspire and assist others struggling with sub-optimal health & happiness, as she herself had done for much of her life.

After experiencing many forms of trauma as a child, adolescent and young adult, the effects became evident on many levels, with Bec enduring many years of ill health, including debilitating autoimmune issues. It was in her 30's, that she decided to listen to her body and her naturally intuitive and resilient healing spirit and place her health and happiness back in her own hands.

Over the next decade, she studied in various fields, changed her diet & lifestyle, incorporated natural supplements, identified and processed unhealed traumas, worked on her spiritual, mental and emotional health, transformed her mindset and created her own unique wellness script, regaining her health, happiness, peace and passion for life.

Now at age 43, and feeling the healthiest and happiest she has ever been, Bec is a proud Mum of 3 children (14 to 24), a passionate and qualified Health Scientist and a dedicated Practitioner. Holistik Health is her way of sharing her experiences & knowledge in order to help others create meaningful, peaceful, healthier and happier lives.

Specializing in:


Autoimmunity & Immune Health

Chronic & Inflammatory conditions

Digestion & Detoxification

Cardiovascular & Cholesterol Health

Thyroid & Hormonal Imbalances

Stress, Anxiety & Depression management

Attachment Styles & Conscious Relationships

Developmental & Complex Trauma reprocessing